Walter Segal


Walter Segal was a Swiss born architect. He was known for his creation of a framework of self build housing. Known as the "Segal Method", his system diminishes the need for wet trades like plastering and bricklaying. Instead, the self build housing makes full use of a modular timber frame system that not only allows for easy construction, but it is also low in maintenance. Roofs of the self build have a tendency to be flat because of the various layers of roofing felt. The foundations are kept to the essentials as the stability comes from the geometry of the construction. Walter Segal was disciplined in Berlin, which was a city that was one of the pioneers of Modernism in architecture. He only rose to fame for his brilliant concepts and methods in 1960s despite having moved to London since 1936. His status as an architect still thrives and continues to grow because of his sustainable approach to architecture. Walter Segal was very much inspired by the early Modernists as well as the democratic principles of William Morris.

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