Walter Menteth Architects


Walter Menteth Architects is a London based practice. Their projects are distinguished by the success of the solutions which are practical, pragmatic and valued. The practice is passionate about ensuring that their projects are sustainable and environmentally friendly which helps them to attain creative, tenacious and exhilarating design that solves the problem and surpasses expectations. The innovative design process of the practice does not just start from any fixed hypothesis but instead, it starts by tackling the parameters of the project, its disputes, conditions and eccentricity through in depth analysis, collaboration and discussion with stakeholders and clients. Walter Menteth Architects seeks to carry out their design and production processes efficiently such that it will benefit the people, regardless of the scale of the project. The architectural firm has received a range of architecture awards and some of their works have been displayed and published both in the United Kingdom and overseas. The practice has been recognised for its consistent delivery of sustainable and suitable designs for its clients.