Walter Gropius


Walter Gropius was born in Berlin, Germany. Despite his inability to draw, he was still regarded as a front runner of the architectural world. For his first job, he had the honour of working with Le Corbusier, Dietrich Marcks and Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe in the office of Peter Behrens. After gaining experience for only two years, he took a bold step and established his very own architectural practice in Berlin, alongside Adolf Meyer. Walter Gropius set up the popular Bauhaus Schools in Dessau, Weimar and Berlin between the year 1919 and the year 1932. Many artists were disciplined and taught at the Bauhaus Schools including Josef Albers, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. Walter Gropius eventually moved to Britain in 1934 and advanced to the United States in 1937 to become a professor at Harvard University where he taught architecture. During his stay in the United Kingdom, he pushed for the usage of timber in modern housing and with his own residential house in Massachusetts, he was well known for delivering International Modernism to the United States.

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