vPPR Architects


vPPR Architects was founded in 2009 by Tatiana von Preussen, Catherine Pease and Jessica Reynolds. The award winning London based practice is recognised for their adventurous designs that go brilliantly in difficult sites. Influenced by the design from both the United States and the United Kingdom, they understand that architecture can and should be bold and daring through humble, clear designs that is sensitive to the site history, background and culture. vPRR Architects design buildings that create chances in the difficult conditions, responding with graceful yet astonishing forms that merrily transverse between the boundaries of private and communal spaces. The team works on a variety of projects - both local and international like New York, China, London and Russia - and it ranges from masterplans, urban projects, private residential houses, cultural and commercial projects. The practice discovers that global principles are applicable across different sectors, allowing the recreation of building typologies to adapt to the modern lifestyle. vPRR Architects is especially passionate towards housing and they execute projects brilliantly as well as create discussions on the subject. They have also been displayed in major national exhibitions. The practice seeks to enhance communities, regardless of the scale, through the innovation of aesthetically appealing spaces, with the belief that the spaces between buildings are as essential as the architecture itself. They are motivated by the integration of architecture and art. vPRR Architects have a high accomplishment rate with the planning permissions. As developers themselves, they have a sharp perception into the relationship between value and cost, making it a priority to constantly strike a balance between the two.

Website: www.vppr.co.uk