Threefold Architects



Threefold Architects was founded by Matthew Driscoll and Jack Hosea in 2004. The practice seeks to deliver exhilarating and creative contemporary design that is aesthetically appealing and exciting material wise. The architecture will also enrich its environment and provide an advantage to the lives of the end users who are exposed to the architecture. The founding partners have guided their practice and built up a portfolio of projects including residential, cultural and arts projects. In 2009, Renée Searle completed the team with her arrival as a partner. She contributed to the practice both her experience of operating large scale educational and residential housing projects and her comprehensive understanding of sustainable construction technologies. As a team, they have a holistic understanding of the field of architecture from negotiations and planning, to project organisation to the revitalisation of current buildings. Threefold Architects also frequently work with sustainable technologies and materials. The practice's approach revolves around developing straightforward and practical concepts that bring delight to the users, an eagerness for accommodating an exquisite architectural response for each location and background and the devotion to create high quality work regardless of the scale of the project. The customised service produces a distinguished solution for each and every project which is detailed in how spaces are arranged, moulded and inhabited and creativity in materials selected.