Sir Owen Williams


Sir Owen Williams was a British engineer and architect that was the designed and created a handful of important and established modernist buildings and landmarks in the United Kingdom. He was not formally trained as an architect thus, he thought that engineering and architecture were disciplines that could not be indivisible. One was integral for the other to work. He took up an engineering degree at the University of London in 1907 while he was a student at the Electrical Tramways Company. When he was completed with the degree and the apprenticeship, Sir Owen Williams took on the role of an engineer and a designer with Trussed Concrete Company before he established his own firm where he provide consultancy regarding concrete structure. Although he rose to fame because of his public building and infrastructure framework, he delivered a handful of housing projects including an apartment block in Stanmore. Sir Owen Williams also worked on the first plan for Britain's motorway system and continued his role of a principal engineer for the Gravelly Hill interchange.

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