Rosemary Stjernstedt


Rosemary Stjernstedt was an architect that was recognised for her contribution to the social housing projects, managed and operated by the London County Council. She was grew up in Birmingham, Stjernstedt and received her architectural education at the Birmingham School of Art. Upon her graduation in 1934, she worked as a furniture designer before working for the architect Robert Atkinson practice which has an Art Deco style. She developed the drawings for the Barber Institute for Fine Arts. Under the guidance of Robert Atkinson, she took up a town planning course at the Architectural Association that influenced her relocation to Sweden in 1939, where she started her career as a town planner. When she returned to England after the second World War was over, Rosemary Stjernstedt started working for London Country Council in the Housing Division. She was also the first female architect to accomplish Grade I status at the London Country Council and eventually progressed up to a Senior Grade I status. She was the first woman to achieve that status in any British country council division. Her most established and recognised project is the Alton Estate, where she directed and guided the design team to success between the year 1951 and the year 1955. The London Country Council broke up in 1964, during which Rosemary Stjernstedt started working for Lambeth Borough council under the guidance of Ted Hollamby. She directed a handful of social housing projects including the Central Hill Estate.

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