Robert Harvey


Robert Harvey grew up in Coventry and received education at the Birmingham School of Art, where he studied architecture. The school was the origin of a handful of modern architects during the inter war period and it inspired many to divert their interest to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Robert Harvey was the most prominent of a small distinctive group of Birmingham trained architects that were influenced by the projects of Frank Lloyd Wright before it was in style. In 1950, he was involved in the office of J. Brian Cooper and continued working for Leonard Harper, who was the father of his friend, Ross Harper. Robert Harvey's practice combined with the practice of F W B Yorke, who is the father of the well known modernist architect F R S Yorke. He eventually took over F R S Yorke's Stratford office where he designed private residential houses. Despite having some challenges in obtaining planning permission for many of the houses, Robert Harvey a collective portfolio of over 50 projects, mainly in the area of Warwickshire. This is a record as no other regional architect of this era has so many listed houses - which is a reflection of the quality and skills of the design.

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