Project Orange


Project Orange was founded by Christopher Ash and James Soane in 1997. As an architecture and design practice, they are different and stand out from the rest because of their equal priority on the architecture and the interior design. The team looks to integrate the two disciplines, regardless of the project typology. The studio has been presented with numerous awards including the RIBA regional award, RIBA National award, Civic Trust award, two Building Design Interior Architect of the Year awards, the British Homes awards, the Housing awards and the European hotel awards. Even though the practice seeks to express their projects in a contemporary language, their approach embody a comprehensive attitude to aesthetics and taste that is prominent in their assortment of the built projects. Each project is also regarded as a piece of research and analysis, accumulating to their wide range of portfolio. They have been defined by the press as the 'Composer and the Collagist'.