Pitman Tozer Architects


Pitman Tozer Architects was started in 2002 by Tim Pitman and Luke Tozer. They have made a name for themselves for having strong relationships with their clients and have successfully crafted graceful, creative and logical houses regardless of whether it is a simple or complex site. The practice has been receiving multiple commissions by public organisations and developers for the larger scaled projects. Some of their past projects have received awards while others have been praised for their exquisite design including their critically acclaim Gap House, which was awarded the 2009 RIBA Manser Medal, the RIBA award winning new build residential development of 67 homes, a sixth form centre for a school and a handful of private residential houses in Central London. The director Tim Pitman has been involved with various projects including remodelling and extensions of public buildings and new build spaces. Luke Tozer, on the other hand, has had personal experience creating and developing an affordable house for his family.

Website: www.pitmantozer.com