Piercy and Company


Piercy & Company aims to create a balance between the anapestic form of architecture and the Modernist vision of pure light and space. The architecture would have sentiments towards the historic fabric of the space, texture and the surroundings. The concept of compressing a design to its most raw and logical form has never allured anyone as flaws, delightful accidents of the design process and footprints left behind by the artist can enhance or even become the real beauty of the project. At Piercy & Company, the team frequently find themselves adopting, negotiating intricate techniques so as to design buildings that have plentiful detail and have a solid form. The practice carefully integrates the artistic and logical concerns so as to arrive at a honest design with a strong character and commercial accuracy. Piercy & Company constantly seeks to experiment and find new ways to articulate their design where they work together with their increasing connection with the fabricators, craftspeople, makers and suppliers.