Patrick Gwynne


Patrick Gwynne was born in 1913 and demonstrated an interest in architecture from a young age where he eventually entered the office of John Coleridge who was a former assistant of Edin Lutyens. His focus was soon redirected towards Europe, where Le Corbusier was, in that moment, advancing and guiding architecture in a different direction. He found his way to the offices of Wells Coates where he collaborated and worked with Denys Lasdun. With the guidance of Wells Coates and Denys Lasdun, Patrick Gwynne designed one of the most successful architecture in Britain known as the Homewood, located in Esher. The Homewood is also the home of Patrick Gwynne. From that residential project, he started getting commissions for private residential houses from prominent and rich clients. Throughout the decades of 1950 and 1960, he continued to design and deliver high quality houses from all across the United Kingdom including Hampstead, Surrey, Dorset, Blackheath and Oxfordshire, some of which has been Grade II listed.

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