Neil Dusheiko Architects


Neil Dusheiko Architects was founded in 2011. Even though they have only recently established themselves as an architectural design studio, they have designed and worked on numerous well crafted commercial and residential projects which has received recognition. Some of their projects include the Gallery House in Hackney, the Brackenbury House in Hammersmith, De Beauvoir House, Islington House, Black Ridge House and the award winning Timber Fin House in Waltham Forest. The team also works on the alteration and extension of houses around the house as well as reclamation of the historic Thames fireboat, the Beta iii, which remains as the oldest fireboat created in 1926. Neil Dusheiko Architects has been widely highlighted in publications including the RIBA Small Projects Handbook, the Grand Design and has been displayed at the Royal Academy Summer Show. Natural lighting and the usage of raw materials are prioritised in the projects designed by the practice. They constantly seek to develop buildings and spaces that are graceful, enduring and beneficial to the surroundings. Ideas are refined and conferred through the aid of models, sketches, dialogue and drawings.