Neave Brown


Neave Brown has travelled from places to places since a young age: from Ultica, New York State, he travelled to the United States of America where he received an education and proceeded to London to study at the Architectural Association. He has received wide acclamation for the numerous residential houses and housing estates that he designed all over the world, including Netherlands, Italy and England. In the United Kingdom, he designed a high density modernist social housing based on the foundation of the london terraced house and the mindset of creating a flexible space. Neave Brown's profound Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate, also known as Alexandra Road, is the most popular social housing scheme that was achieved and established in the London Borough of Camden during the architectural 'Golden Age' in the 1960s. Others consist of the Dunboyne Estate, that was designed by Neave Brown, Peter Tabori's Highgate New Town, Benson and Forsyth's Branch Hill and the Maiden Lane. Neave Brown believed that each home should have certain characteristics: a front door, a personal external space that is open to the sky and it may come in the shape of a terrace or a roof garden. This concept was then integrated into the project at Alexandra Road which has a breathtaking centrepiece. In addition to tutoring at various schools in Europe, England and America, Neave Brown has took on various prestigious position which includes the role of a Vice President at the Architectural Association. He has also recently concluded his BA degree in Fine Art at the City and Guilds of London School of Art.

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