Masterclasses - How to be an independent developer

We held our second masterclass series in June and July of 2019, and announced our collaboration with Archiboo’s Amanda Baillieu to create the new Developer Collective to continue growing this community of built environment professionals. Future masterclasses and conferences will be via this new venture, so s+..ign up on the site to be the first to know about upcoming events!

Here are the topics that were covered in this series.

Masterclass Topics

Due to the popularity of the last series of classes, we re-ran the previous masterclass topics, and expanded the Finding finance masterclass into two - Finding finance, and Doing the deal.

Each session was two hours long, with a presentation followed by a practical component where participants got hands on experience applying the concepts learned in small groups.

How to do a development appraisal
June 18th, 5pm-7.30pm

This is a two-hour hands on session led by Gus Zogolovitch, walking you through how to assess a development opportunity and run the numbers to establish the viability of a project.

The masterclass includes a practical component where attendees will get a chance to do a mock appraisal that can be used as a template for future projects.

Finding land
June 26th, 5pm-7.30pm

Get first-hand knowledge about how to find and pitch for small sites in this two-hour masterclass with Gus Zogolovitch who will be sharing his insights and lessons learned from his years working with Solidspace and Unboxed Homes.

Raising finance
July 9th, 5pm-7.30pm

Gus will be taking you through the challenges of finding finance - the types of finance that are available, how to establish a track record as a first time developer, and how to buy land without any money.

Doing the deal
July 16th. 5pm-7.30pm

You’ve found the land, done a development appraisal, and you can find finance. But how do you do the deal? Learn essential tips and advice in this two-hour session that includes a practical component.

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