Masterclasses- How to be an independent developer   

Our Small Sites conferences in 2018 laid the groundwork for the more in-depth Masterclasses run by Rare Space and Archiboo.

The first 3 masterclasses were held earlier this year and more will be announced soon. Keep reading for details on the topics we covered.

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The topics are:

How to do a development appraisal  

A development appraisal is the financial assessment that establishes the viability of a project and is an essential tool for any would-be developer to master. 

This practical and hands on two-hour session will walk you through how to assess a development opportunity and run the numbers before committing to a project.

Led by Gus Zogolovitch, this is will be a hands-on session featuring a live project and will include time for attendees to get advice on their own schemes.

Part of the session will cover a practical element on how to do an appraisal and will include an example that you can take away and adapt for your own project.

Where: Wedlake Bell, EC4V 4AY
When: Tuesday 22 January 2019 - 5pm
Price: £130 + VAT

Only 20 places available - SOLD OUT

Finding land 

There are plenty of small sites out there but how do you find them? This two-hour masterclass will get you started on your land-hunting journey with first-hand knowledge on how to find and pitch for small sites.

Where: Wedlake Bell, EC4V 4AY
When: 31 January 2019 
Price: £130 + VAT

Only 20 places available

How to raise finance

Securing the finance for your first development can be tricky as no one wants to lend to developers without a track record – but how do you establish a track record without the finance? In this two-hour class we examine the different routes to securing funding.

: Wedlake Bell, EC4V 4AY
When: 12 February 2019 
Price: £130 + VAT

Only 20 places available

Special Bundle Price

There is also a special bundle price if you would like to buy a ticket for all three Masterclasses - £345 + VAT