Marcel Breuer


Marcel Breuer is perceived as one of the most significant Modern architects and designers of 20th century. Marcel Breuer was a graduate of the prominent Bauhaus in Germany, which is recognised as a radical school for the creative arts that is commonly referred to as the motherland of Modernism. He moved to London eventually, leaving Germany as a result of the rise of the Nazis where he was then persuaded by Walter Gropius, his former tutor, to work at Harvard University. He was a mentor to a few big names including Paul Rudolph, Philip Johnson and I.M. Pei. Marcel Breuer worked with Walter Gropius at first before he ultimately started his own firm with offices in both Paris and New york. Some of his prominent projects include the UNESCO headquarters situated in Paris, the Sea Lane House in Britain - which was his one and only residential project - and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

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