Kate Macintosh


Born in Edinburgh, Catherine Ailsa 'Kate' Macintosh rose to fame because of her 1960s social housing projects that was designed and executed at a very young age of 26. Upon her graduation from the Edinburgh School of Art in 1961, she had spent 3 years gaining experience by working and studying in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and Warsaw. She eventually returned to the United Kingdom where she started working under the guidance of Denys Lasdun on the designs for the National Theatre in London. Kate Macintosh started working for the Southwark architecture department in 1965 where she developed the prominent and famous Dawson's Heights estate in Dulwich. People felt that she was undercelebrated with The Guardian mentioning that she was 'one of Britain's unsung architects of social housing' in 2015. After that project, she continued developing and designing more projects including a sheltered housing facility in Lambeth for the elderly and several housing projects in Hampshire and East Sussex. Eventually, she created a joint practice with her partner, George Finch. Together, the Finch Macintosh Architects won various awards including RIBA award in 2005 for a playground design in Weston, Southampton.

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