HEAT Architecture


HEAT is an architectural firm that aspires to create alluring places for people to work and live in all over the world. They produce intelligent custom made designs that stand out from the social norms with creative techniques and raw materials to develop classic buildings for generations to come. The new buildings are elegant yet contemporary and the old buildings are rejuvenated with new technologies, styles and materials whilst retaining its original essence. HEAT approaches projects with an open mind because the design will be challenged by the site constraints, financial constraints and the style to produce an excellent design. With conservation, the practice feels the need to preserve certain aspects of the building because they are as important, if not more, than the current trends and styles. The practice is energetic and flexible, which are good qualities to help clients define their own brief and requirements. The same team will see through the project, from start to the end to ensure no miscommunication happens. With a team of professionals, the architectural firm has created an extensive portfolio including apartments, houses, pods, developments, beach houses, hotels and luxury houses. Most of the projects are dependent on a landscape setting, which influences a flavourful yet simplistic interior. Combining light, matter, shadow and gardens will produce an apparent sustainable architecture with an human, cultural and ethical aspect.

Website: www.heat-architecture.com