Hal Higgins


Hal Higgins was a graduate of the Architectural Association and the School of Planning and Regional Research. He, together with Peter Ney, founded Higgins Ney & Partners in 1954 when they won the rights to design a commissioned private house in Hampstead. Together, they started a new trademark that has gained recognition by people everywhere, an uncompromisingly modern style. They continued to rise in fame since their first commission after carrying out a variety of low rise yet high density housing projects and new build projects. Some of their projects include a house in Highgate that was listed as a Grade II, the 'High Deck' design in Fulham that was awarded the Civic Trust award and a home in West Sussex that was noted by Pevsner. After the partnership, Hal Higgins took on the role of Chairman of the Higgins Gardner and Partners. The practice placed an emphasis on the acclimatisation and modification of buildings with historic significance. The most prominent design is that of the Bank of England Museum which has been restored by Sir John Soane's Bank Stock Office.

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