Gresford Architects


Gresford Architects aspire to design buildings that are pragmatic, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and considerate. They are curious in how spaces are able to encapsulate a presence and delight the users while exploring every aspect of the space - such as joints, textures, light and surfaces. To ensure the ideal marriage between the dramatics and the pragmatics, careful steps must be taken while designing the buildings, regardless of ages and typology. Gresford Architects have experience working with listed buildings and they treat buildings to ensure that they are able to acclimate, mature, and adjust in their own ways. The practice was started by Tom Gresford in 2006 and has a studio based in Dalston, east London. The team loves and believes in pushing the boundaries of new sites and context and are fully aware that each step taken in designing for the built environment will leave an impression on the current cultural heritage.