Francis Reginald Stevens Yorke


Francis Reginald Stevens Yorke, more commonly known as FRS Yorke, was one of the front runners of the International Style in the United Kingdom. He studied alongside Frederick Gibberd, Robert Furneaux Jordon and Richard Sheppard at Birmingham School of Architecture. He was also an journalist for The Architect's Journal and writer of various books including The Modern House - published in 1934, the book was an accurate feature of modern European architecture - and The Modern House in England, published in 1937. FRS Yorke was granted commercial success as an architect only after the second world war. The practice that he established with Rosenberg and Mardall (YRM) had colossal impact on Britain's urban landscape, transforming it with new schools, housing and universities. Some of his notable buildings include the Gane Pavilion in Bristol, Forge House in Sutton, Crawley Hospital, St Thomas Hospital, Rectory at Wootton by Woodstock in Oxfordshire, House at Nast Hyde, Hatfield and the Sea Lane House.

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