Farrell & Grimshaw


Farrell & Grimshaw was a partnership created by 2 renowned British architects, Terry Farrell and Nicholas Grimshaw. After freshly graduating, they worked together on a variety of Modernist housing schemes with a perceptive understanding of the materials, concepts and technologies in that era. Some of their prominent architectural projects included the 1960s apartments located at 125 Park Road, a housing project, located near Paddington, for students that featured a unique spiralling staircase and a factory for an American furniture company located in Bath. The apartments at 125 Park Road were one of the first apartments that received funding and constructed on the co-ownership principle. The partnership lasted for 15 good years and Terry Farrell and Nicholas Grimshaw went their separate ways in 1980. They proceeded individually to attain glory worldwide - Nicholas Grimshaw created various schemes like the Eden Project, The British Pavilion at Expo 92 in Seville, the Berlin stock exchange and the Waterloo International. Terry Farrell, on the other hand, discovered fame with Embankment Place, Post Modern TV AM studios and the Vauxhall Cross HQ of M15.

Website: Sir Terry Farrell & Sir Nicholas Grimshaw