Ernö Goldfinger


Ernö Goldfinger was an significant figure in the British Modern Movement. The presence of the architect and furniture designer was highly disputed over the year yet the solution he had to Britain’s port war housing problems allowed his to gain numerous fans. He was determined that the only way to solve the shortage of housing was to implement Corbusian influenced high rise housing. However, it was not all glorious for the architect as Ernö Goldfinger did have his fair share of critics, including Ian Fleming, who named his most infamous villain after the architect. His most prominent architecture is Trellick Tower in North Kensington, London which has a unique silhouette because of the separate service towers. Ernö Goldfinger was highly influenced by Le Corbusier and his publication of Vers une architecture and was a huge fan of Auguste Perret, Le Corbusier’s former mentor. He had a comprehension knowledge and was a specialist of reinforced concrete structures.

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