David Kohn Architects


David Kohn Architects was founded over 10 years ago by David Kohn. Despite being a London-based practice, the firm does not merely limit its design scope to local works as they also do international projects in the education, arts, urban design and residential sectors. The team is able to develop a variety of projects, from designing the interior of a home to urban planning for public, private and commercial departments. To pursue brilliance in their projects, they cultivate a habit of working closely with everyone involved in the design process - consultants, clients, contractors and end users. Creativity is encouraged and nurtured with research - both academically and office based - into construction techniques, materials and the cultural backdrop of each project. David Kohn Architects have developed eminence for the quality of their projects. The practice has won a number of awards, including the 2012 Designs of the Year, 2013 World Interior of the Year, 2012 D&AD, One-off House Architect of the Year in 2010 and Young Architect of the Year in 2009.

Website: www.davidkohn.co.uk