Darbourne & Darke


Darbourne & Darke was kickstarted in 1961 by John Darbourne and Geoffrey Darke after they manage to secure a reputable project to construct the Lillington Gardens estate in Westminster. This wide-reaching social housing estate project had a outstanding effect on the public and the reputation of Darbourne & Darke. The alternating terraces and the squares in the interior made way for a huge number of maisonettes and flats to be built without requiring high rise construction to take place. As a result of the arrangement, continuity between private and public housing was attained whilst allowing the elegantly designed church to be visible from the entire estate. Lillington Gardens estate was also constructed with red brick, similar to the one used on a nearby church, St James the Less. The efficient usage of space inspired many other firms and was a prominent feature of the projects by the practice. Within Darbourne & Darke team, work was split up - Darke focussed on housing work while Darbourne broaden his scope to design for offices, laboratories. Some of his works include designing the landscape of Heathrow airport and a stand for Chelsea FC.

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