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Save money and get what you want

We can help you build
your perfect custom home

Have you been searching for a new home for a long time but what you want just isn't out there?

Or maybe your budget won’t stretch to get you what you really want?

Building your own custom build home could be the answer

Why build your own home?

  • Control
    Choose exactly what you want, rather than compromise with what’s already been built
    Get the things you need that fit your lifestyle. Whether you need a home office or studio, or maybe you have physical needs that are not met by a traditional home, you can customise exactly what goes in

  • Make your budget go further
    Pay less stamp duty, and reclaim VAT on all building work and fittings
    If you’re good at finding deals, you can save money by sourcing materials yourself, or save on features that aren’t that important to you

So how do custom build homes work?

We work with our sister company Unboxed Homes to deliver a watertight shell which you can then fit out how you want

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Unboxed Homes secures the land, secure planning permission, dig the foundations, and build the shell

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It has a roof, windows, and a front door. Plumbing and electricity are left at a service point for you to route to where you want them to go

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You choose what to put in. Want to spend more on your kitchen, but less on your bathroom? The freedom is yours

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Do the fit out yourself, or hire a builder to fit it out for you



+ How does financing work for custom build homes?

Because it's not a finished home, custom homes do require different finance options. Typically, you'll need to have a higher deposit than normal. There are plenty of mortgage options, but not as many as for a traditional home.

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+ How much does a fit out cost?

This depends on the spec that you want, but we suggest that you budget £100-150 per square foot for a fit out. If you decide to take on the work yourself, source items cleverly, or choose more basic materials such as carpet rather than hard wood floor, these costs can go down.

+ What would I need to fit out for a shell?

Generally it would be:

  1. First fix (plumbing and electrics that are ‘hidden’ – i.e. wires and pipes inc. hot water)
  2. Finishes – floors, plastering, internal walls etc.
  3. Second fix – plug sockets, lights, wc’s etc
  4. Decoration – tiles/paint etc.

+ How is stamp duty calculated?

It will be calculated on the shell cost only, which is why you can get substantial savings!

+ How long will it take to build a custom home?

This is one of those annoying answers where we basically say: it depends!

But just to give you an idea, at our Blenheim Grove site, we broke ground in June 2018, and expect the shells to be complete in the middle of 2019

As for the fit out, for a basic fit out we expect it to take 1-3 months. But of course, this depends on whether or not there are delays, or complicated elements to your fit out design

Have more questions? Just get in touch and we’ll have happy to chat you through. If building your own home isn’t for you, our property finding service could help.

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