Claudio Silvestrin


Claudio Silvestrin only started his practice in 1989, after graduating from the Architectural Association in London and studying under the guidance of A.G. Fronzoni in Milan. As a result of his passion that was reflected in his idiosyncratic architecture - clear, innovative, integrity and eye for detail - it was not surprising when he received recognition from the public soon after setting up Claudio Silvestrin Architects. His architecture was described to be uncomplicated without losing soul, graceful without being pretentious, dynamic without feeling domineering, serene but not frugal, modern but still regardless as a classic design and modest yet not extreme. The practice which was originally London-based eventually expanded to Milan in 2006. Claudio Silvestrin Architects embraced a wide range of projects - private residences, museums, property development, interior and furniture design - for a wide range of clients - from designers like Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein to internationally acclaimed artist Kanye West to galleries like Victoria Miro and the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. He was also chosen as a Walton Critic and taught at the Catholic University of America, School of Architecture in Washington DC, America.