Chan + Eayrs


Having graduated from Cambridge University and The Architectural Association (AA) , Zoe Chan invested in various dilapidated sites as potential design projects and eventually, founded Atelier ChanChan in 2009. Having won a handful of awards relating to her Architectural Studies like graduating summa cum laude, the RIBA East Prize and the George Ryands Prize, it came as no surprise when her first few projects drew the attention of the press. The Evening Standard and The New York Times were just one of the few that were buzzing about her temporary projects. Merlin Eayrs, after graduating from Cambridge Arts and Theatre School, Inchbald Interior Design School and the AA, worked as a designer at DRMM architects and tutored at the Architectural Association and Oxford Brookes University. in 2012, DRMM and Ears were chosen to represent the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Chan + Eayrs was shaped by Zoe Chan and Merlin Eayrs in 2014. The 2 passionate individuals decided to lead the team with a more personalised approach where each step is cautiously planned out, from finding the plot to furnishing the interior. This is the key to Many of their completed projects which include New Cross Lofts and The Herringbone House have been featured in numerous design magazines and blogs like Wallpaper Magazine, Dezeen, The Telegraph, Hauser and the Mark Magazine.