Chamberlin Powell and Bon


Chamberlin Powell and Bon is directed by 3 post-war architects: Geoffry Powell, Peter Chamberlin and Christoph Bon. The joint venture commenced after Powell’s win for the Golden Lane Estate architectural competition - where they agreed to deliver the project together should anyone of them win the competition. The trio have designed buildings that are recognised as some of the finest architecture in the 1960s, some of which includes widely acclaimed Barbican Estate, which is also known as Britain’s largest listed building, and 2 seminal estates, which are listed in recognition of their architectural importance. Similar to many architects of that era, the works of Chamberlin Powell and Bon are influenced by Le Corbusier, who drove the modernist architectural movement of the 20th century with his 5 Points of New Architecture. However, despite their popular buildings, the architects themselves and their practice has had very little recognition until recently.

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