Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects


Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects was founded in 1989 by Richard Portchmouth and Michael Russum. The duo met as colleagues when they worked for James Stirling and decided to start a joint venture after winning the competition for Avenue de Chartres car park in Chichester. Birds Portchmouth Russum are known for producing phenomenal quality projects with an eye for details. Every project has a different source of inspiration as a result of the thorough analysis of the context - urban, social and historical - and contemporary culture in addition to the construction technicalities. Concept is fabricated only after understanding the context and needs of the client in order to produce architecture that is both appealing and applicable. The studio relies on sketches, technical drawings and hand-made models to critique and convey their designs until it is finalised and transformed into a real development. The people are an essential part of every step taken in the design process because the practice aims to create refreshing spaces that enhance public life.