Berthold Lubetkin


When Modernism transformed into an important movement in Europe in the late 1920s, Berthold Lubetkin was one of the momentous figures of that time period. London was the platform he expressed his artistry and expertise despite being born in Georgia and studying in Berlin and Paris. In 1932, he initiated the renowned practice ‘Tecton’, together with graduates of Architectural Association like Lindsay Drake, Anthony Chitty, Valentine Harding, Francis Skinner, Michael Dugdale and Godfrey Samuel. Berthold Lubetkin guided his Tecton team to their first commission, which was the quintessential gorilla house and penguin pool for the London Zoo. It was distinctive feature of UK’s Modern Architecture. Since then, the practice rose to prominence for creating some of the most extraordinary architecture of that period, which includes the Finsbury Health Centre, private houses in Sydenham, Highpoint apartments in Highgate and Modernist terraces in Plumstead. The Highpoint apartments were one of the most highly rated Modernist building in London.

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