Arboreal Architecture Limited


Arboreal Architecture Limited is a RIBA Chartered Practice that never fails to produce high performance and quality projects which is a mixture of site planning, residential, civic buildings and furniture. Ever since it was founded in 2007, the practice has been commissioned to work on more than 80 projects all across the UK. They are known especially for their timber construction. The practice also has experience with conservation areas where they ensure the maintenance and preservation of buildings. With each project, the team takes into account 3 factors: performance, experience and connection. Spaces have been designed to enrich user experience and maximise efficiency while putting it into context to the surroundings and nature. Arboreal believes that architecture is not just a background of people’s lives as it is essentially a form of art which has the potential to enrich our senses when done skillfully. As such, their bespoke buildings are crafted with reference to the natural world such that it responds to all the elements around it.