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our mission

I want a world of better homes; better value, better for society, better for the environment. I want to build the ecosystem that supports and connects like-minded developers and purchasers.

- Gus Zogolovitch
Managing Director, Rare Space


I started in the property industry as a contractor and then became a developer with Solidspace.

When we first started selling our architectural design-led new homes, I was endlessly frustrated by the local estate agents. They didn’t understand what we had created and didn’t want to find out.

I thought I could do a better job and so I started selling directly to people who liked the look of our homes.

Since it was my project, I took the time to explain about the design, the quality and the differences of what we were doing. The approach worked and we carried on selling our homes both off-plan and once they were built.

We have been growing our audience but we don’t build enough homes a year to help all of them.

In the meantime, I noticed that amongst the sea of magnolia walls, there were a few other developers who, like us, valued good design and good architecture. They were building amazing or innovative custom build homes and so I set up Rare Space to help them connect with our audience.

Gus Zogolovitch
Managing Director Rare Space



Magdalen House 4F
136-148 Tooley St
London SE1 2TU
United Kingdom

020 3815 5367

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