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our mission

I believe that we have a responsibility to build better homes; better for society, better for the environment and better value; I set up Rare Space to match people who build and own these homes with buyers who want to find them.

- Gus Zogolovitch
Managing Director


For the last 20 years, my mission has been to create better quality housing. It’s frustrated me to see so much poor quality, new build housing being built - and so I set about trying to be a better developer and show people that new builds can be amazing places to live in.

Over the past few years, I have been delighted to learn that I'm not alone. There are a growing number of people who also want to build brilliant homes; independent developers who take responsibility for what they create and don't try and build as cheaply as possible and who are more concerned about quality than quantity and profit.

I set up Rare Space to curate and offer homes that I would like to live in to buyers who appreciate design and quality.

Do you care about building great homes too? Click here to sign up for our next conference on ‘how to be an independent developer’



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