31/44 Architects


Founded by William Burges, James Jeffries and Stephen Davies in 2010, the name 31/44 was in reference to their studio locations in the Netherlands and the UK. The practice now consist of 10 architects and architectural assistants, and has been recognised as one of the finest emerging practices by The Architecture Foundation and also the Wallpaper’s 2016 Global Architects Directory. 31/44 architects work on a variety of projects, from large scale masterplanning projects to small residential projects. Regardless of the size, the projects are never planned in isolation as the site context and the clients’ needs are taken into careful consideration. This results in unique site-specific buildings that cannot be duplicated to fit elsewhere. Meticulous planning and attention to detail are common traits of 31/44 projects, which is reflected in both digital and physical models. An important discipline that differentiates 31/44 from other practice is teaching - the continuous articulation of ideas and propositions. it is an essential part of the practice.

Website: www.3144architects.com